Test Preparation

Test preparation is an ongoing process that needs to be done throughout the period of study. Getting off on the right foot at the beginning is a must. Rome is never built in a day.

Few suggestions :

1 Make and follow a workable time schedule.
2 Concentrate during classes whether in school /college or coaching institutes.
3 Take your notes, jot important points to remember
4 Review the knowledge you have gained subject wise /topic wise/ subtopic wise or keyword wise by taking a test daily/weekly depending upon the depth of your course curriculum
5 You can build your own test on a particular subject/topic/subtopic/keyword by choosing number of questions to be attempted by you, level of difficulty for the questions and time to be given for the test. You can also assign scores for correct, incorrect and questions not attempted .

There is a testbag help guide to make you understand how to build your test, how difficulty levels are assigned. Kindly go through the same before building a suitable test for yourself.

There is also subject wise details of topics/subtopics covered and keywords if any associated with subject/topic/subtopic to help you search questions on a particular keyword wherever applicable/available. (Keywords may not be available for some subjects/topics/subtopics)

6 You can also take a test based on default values for number of questions, level of difficulties, times for test, scores for correct, incorrect and not attempted questions
7 If you have completed the course and now getting ready to take exam, you can practice on complete set of questions for a exam where all values-
number of questions
time to attempt the questions
scores for questions
The test taken by you are kept as a history for a limited time. You can access the same, analyse the results and discuss the same with your teachers/guides/ mentors to improve further
9 The key in competitive exam is :

It is not important how much you know about a subject but how much you know more than others. That is what differentiates a winner from a loser

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