The user will require a computer with internet connection to take online test. Alternatively there are ‘Cyber Cafes’ or ‘Internet Cafes’ that have computers connected with internet and rent the usage of connected computers on hourly /daily/monthly basis.

Minimum and recommended equipment and software requirements are

Computer : Personal Computer (PC) should be fine. However you can use laptop . The recommended configuration of your PC / Laptop
Intel Pentium 4 or above
With minimum 256 MB RAM (Recommended 512 MB RAM)

Operating System : Either of the following
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Linux for PCs

Internet or Web browser : Either of the following
The online testing system of this site works best with Mozilla firefox version 3.0 or above . You may download the same from following link and install on your PC

If the user is not creating test with questions having equations , graphics or images, the online testing system of this site also works with Netscape Navigator version 6.0 or above Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above

In addition mouse to scroll pages up and down and printer attached computer are recommended.

Internet Connection : Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide internet connections. There are usually telecom companies (in India MTNL, Airtel , Reliance etc) or other service providers providing access through cable companies (In India SIFY Broadband etc). They normally charge on hourly/monthly or on basis of data downloaded from them

Optional Softwares : The following optional software are of good help

Anti-virus software : These will help defend you computer against attacks from unwanted programs (virus) downloaded on your computers which interfere with systems or erase memory from your computer. There are good number of anti-virus software available. The popular ones are Mac Affe, Norton etc

Email Software : To enable you to send or receive emails. The popular one are Outlook express etc. Alternatively you can use free ‘email’ facility provided by websites such as,, etc.


Best viewed in resolution (1024 X 780) with Mozilla Firefox
version 3.0 or above. [ Mozilla Firefox Download ]
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